Capacity building through training-cum-production centers


Self-Help Groups Micro Credit Program for Rural Women


Capacity building of the rural poor is the core objective of where they are educated on how to manage credit facility through the formation of group co-operatives. Members of this project, women are encouraged to form groups. The group which largely consists of illiterate, deprived and destitute women are trained in group dynamics and leadership, roles of members and leaders, record-keeping etc. and are later linked to Banks so that they can avail of credit facility.


Credit management, planning, how to identify viable economic activities and achieve sustainability is also part of their training.


Group leaders are encouraged and trained, so that they can organize income-generating activities once the basic skills are acquired. Their training will include skills in identifying and management of resources, designing and development, and finally, sales and marketing of products.



Income-generating activities


The SHG are simultaneously being given training in various income-generating skills.


1. Ready-made Garments Training Center


The NGO has established three centers where women are being taught stitching, sewing and knitting. These centers are located in the remote villages of Shekupur, Sarguja and Ranchi.   It is a six month training course, FREE OF COST. Each center runs four shifts a day comprising of 25 women in each shift. The aim is to empower rural women with technical training so that they can stand on their own feet and support their families. It is planned to provide them with raw materials so that they can produce as per orders obtained from local school, government bodies and commercial houses or shops. The NGO will strive to promote and develop good entrepreneurs and leaders. The NGO will initially provide financial and other assistance and will also help to procure orders from clients.


2. Carpet-weaving Training Center


In line with its policy of developing and imparting skills which help rural women folk to improve quality of their lives, the NGO has set up carpet-weaving facility with two looms at present. The idea is to promote technologies which are easy to access, use and maintain in rural areas. The NGO helps women entrepreneurs to set up their own units and market their products.



3. Nutrition and Food-Processing Program


This program is conducted with the help of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi. It’s a short term program of 10 days. Students are taught to preserve and enhance essential nutritional ingredients present in the food. They are also taught to make and market Tomato sauce, jams, jelly and seasonal pickles using modern production and preserving methods. Papad, bari and other snacks besides pickles, chips and spices may also be produced and sold by women’s cooperatives. We are exploring avenues through Government schemes for conducting training in other income-generating activities like bee-keeping, handicrafts, poultry, manure-making, seed preservation, silk weaving etc.





Non-formal Education


The NGO is running informal education centre in Delhi providing on-the-spot education to street children. Books, slates, chalk and the blackboard are carried in a bag by the teacher who gathers children working near crowded bus-stops, markets and street crossings. The class may be held in the shade of a tree in a park or a quite spot along a street or besides the wall of a house. Since the children need to work to make a living, education is given at their convenience, at a time which suites them. The children are also made aware about health and hygiene. Medical treatment, if needed, is provided. Children who show interest are helped to get admission in schools where scholarships may be arranged for them.


Computer Training Centre


The NGO has established a vocational computer Training centre at shekhupur for poor and deprived students. The computer education is provided FREE OF COST. The course makes students computer literate and imparts thorough knowledge in MS OFFICE and WINDOWS 95. The course also includes personality development classes. The faculty is carefully selected after rigorous tests comprising both written and oral examination. The NGO is setting up a new branch with 15 computers in Azamgarh, U.P.




The NGO has contacted doctors in various branches of medicines for creating awareness amongst women on how to keep their families healthy and disease-free. The services of NSS volunteers from local schools and colleges was sought to educate women on health, hygiene and the need to keep the environment clean.

Highly qualified doctors volunteer to work and NGO provides free medicines. Food and clothing is being provided to senior citizens and poor families.




ü All round development in rural areas.

ü Free modern facility hospital for poor.

ü Establish non-formal education centers for children without access to schools.

ü Set up adult literacy centres for working men and women.

ü Form women’s co-operatives to run ration shops in villages.

ü Develop & manage water-resources for drinking and irrigation.

ü To set up a Milk Dairy Co-operative.

ü To take up social causes such as

  • Right to equal wages for equal work.
  • Ban on employment of child labour in factories and roadside hotels.

ü To set up vocational training centers for plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, masonry etc. for rural men folk.

ü To set up organic manure project to provide inexpensive manure to farmers.

ü To promote non-conventional sources of power for household use.


Our main aim is to foster to the welfare of the aged, to create awareness among the masses, especially the younger generation of the psychological and medical needs of the elderly in the society and to raise funds for creation of facilities especially designed to benefit the elderly and thus to improve the quality of their life.